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Mission And Vision


Real Estate Consultancy

Watad Capital about


We aim to provide professional property consultation of residential and commercial properties to ensure our clients the best quality we could offer. 

* We also take pride in offering the best customer service and delivering high levels of quality control to ensure that the client is satisfied with our services.

 * We also have after sale quality control to have good connections with our clients. 

* We aim to have a long-term relationship with our clients and take pride that most of our clients refer to us with the word of mouth. 

* Our honesty and integrity are two qualities that you will sure find at Watad Capital.


* Watad Capital is aiming to be the first by choice consultancy in Egypt with anything regarding buying and selling properties.
 * We are still improving and growing our level of professionalism to provide the best service out there in the market. 
* It is our goal to expand our branches all over Egypt. 
* We collect Valuable data about all the existing developers to provide our clients with the best Consultation whether they need Residential or commercial services 

Watad Capital about