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palm hills new cairo

Palm Hills New Cairo is a new mixed-use community providing balance and diversity of housing types, natural backdrops, commercial services and recreational amenities for its residents and nearby visitors. It is influenced by the local area and is centered on creating a community of pedestrian-scaled, tree shrouded neighorhoods, and each focused on a central park and social areas featuring services such as the community center. These lush green neighborhoods are sustainably balanced by the unique natural landscape features of the site. Street landscaping, entries, walls and fences, signage and other elements will be designed as an integrated system for each neighborhood. Each neighborhood will have its own exclusive community center, which will be the focal point for all communal activities.

Property Type
Size (in meters)
2,864,300 - 5,489,000
150 - 223
Apartments with garden
5,489,000 - 8,392,600
149 - 244
15,711,000 - 15,711,000
343 - 343